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What is it?

Ciclovias are city streets that have been freed from motorized traffic to allow, during a few hours a day, usually on Sundays and holidays, the free and safe circulation of thousands of people on bicycle, skate or foot.

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How is it?

They generate recreational spaces where physical, cultural and educational activities are developed to promote community building and foment healthy lifestyles, while enabling the recuperation of public spaces at the human scale.

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Like it?

City governments and policy makers can find in the Ciclovia concept an effective and economical program to promote public health, local economic development and social cohesion in their communities.

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News form the CRA

Changes at Biciacción: Mario Muñoz transfers to the government of Ecuador


QUITO, ECUADOR - Mario Muñoz, President of the CRA co-founder organization, Biciacción, has accepted an invitation from the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works to join the team that will be executing the National Plan of Ciclovias. Below is a message by Mario Muñoz to CRA members and collaborators.

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    A journalist is someone who writes for a living, an artist makes art. Columnist, pianist, economist… all are ways we use to identify people by their profession. Lance Armstrong is (was) a cyclist, making his fortune by riding a bicycle. I am not a cyclist. I am a person who happens to ride a bicycle to my work, shopping and to visit friends.

    A cyclist is a stereotype, not a person. People have rights—to freedom of movement, to safety, to equitable access—that are frequently denied to them when they use a bicycle. When we become a “cyclist” in the eyes of authority and other citizens we are seen as equivalents of automobiles, inanimate objects rather than citizens.

    We reinforce this dangerous objectification (and loss of our human rights) when we proclaim ourselves “cyclists.”




    Text: Rex Burkholder
     Photo: © Hector Ríos

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    As the mosquitos of the modern city, cyclists are used to being swatted at, cursed at, complained about or, worse, just ignored by other citizens and authorities alike. So, it is natural that people riding bicycles feel aggrieved, outraged and self-righteous.

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Sustainable Transportation

Why Byciclists are Better Customers Than Drivers for Local Businesses

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Last week Streets Blog D.C. published an excellent article on the economic benefits of urban cycling. Open Streets and similar bicycle promotion initiatives turn out to be great… Read more

For the first time, Mexico will direct funds for non-motorized transportation

(No translation available) MÉXICO, D.F. -- Por primera vez y de manera unánime, fue aprobada el 14 de noviembre por todas las fracciones parlementarias de la Cámara de Diputados de la República… Read more

Healthy Cities


Standing up for children's rights in Latin America

Author: Enrique Jacoby Regional Advisor, Healthy Eating and Active Living Pan American Health Organization, Washington DC, USA Taken from WPHNA website at: A recent editorial in… Read more

Should obesity be fought just like tobacco use?

LONDON, ENGLAND - Organizations representing nearly every doctor in the UK have united in a single campaign to tackle rising levels of obesity. "This is a huge problem for the UK. It's much bigger… Read more

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